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  •  No age limit. Anyone can take it.

  •  It can be taken by pregnant or nursing women.


  •  A life saving medication which deals with mild as well as chronic diseases.


  •  It has been approved by FDA, and there are no such cases in which homeopathy is   banned because of its hazardous effects.


  •  Homeopathy is based on rules of nature which has its own significance from last 200   years. Hence it’s a practically proven treatment.


  •  Medicines are sweet in nature, hence can be easily taken by infants.

 Homeopathy medicines are harmless and natural, as they are based on holistic strategy. When a body fails to cure any disease by itself, homeopathy treatment can activate the healing process in the body. These remedies are suitable even to newborn babies.

Myths and Facts about


Take advantage of homeopathy for living a healthy life and stop your search for the best Homeopathy treatments in Chandigarh. When you have Dr. Sonal’s Homeopathy Clinic for the quality treatment.Get quality treatment for quality life!

It is believed that homeopathy treatment is slow. But in many diseases like diarrhea, minor infection and fever it acts faster than other treatments. In chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure etc, homeopathy medicines may take time to heal, but it can eradicate the disease completely. Unlike other treatments in which patient needs to take lifetime medications, homeopathy will bless you with medicine free life after treatment. Homeopathy treatment never leads to unnatural changes and patient feels healthy and fit through this treatment.

There are wide array of homeopathy clinics  in Chandigarh but Dr. Sonal's  Homeopathic Clinic run by Dr. Sonal Chugh has its own identity. She brings on the table her decades of experience in homeopathy and cures various diseases through her expertise. Whether you are looking for treatment of diabetes, thyroid, women health, arthritis, infertility, sinusitis, hypertension, hair, skin, allergy, asthma, migraine, spondylitis, or children diseases, everything is cured in this homeopathy hospital. Treatment involves complete health evaluation of the patients, thus catering nothing but healthy life to them. You can call this homeopathy clinic as one stop solution for all your health related problems.

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